How It Works

Order By Saturday

Each week’s menu is available and open for orders from Sunday morning – Saturday at 8pm, to be delivered the Thursday following the menu close day. Login anytime during the week, type in the number of servings you would like for each menu item, then pay directly from the account manager.

Delivery on Thursday

No need to dread grocery shopping and meal planning! Once you have ordered, you can kick back and relax, knowing that PK’s has you covered! We prepare everything for you locally and from scratch.

On Thursday, your meals will be packaged in foil pans and/or plastic containers, placed in a cooler with ice packs and delivered to your doorstep or office mid-late afternoon. The cooler will be clearly labeled with your name. All you need to do is leave your cooler and ice packs out for us to pick up when we bring your next order. Help the environment out and return clean pans and containers to build credits on your account, we’ll take care of the recycling!

Cook & Enjoy your Meals!

Each container is clearly labeled with the following information:

· Name of Menu Item

· Eat Within # of Days

· Heating or Cooking Instructions

Most meals are partially cooked when delivered to you. This means you only need to put in minimal effort but will get to enjoy the flavor of freshly cooked food because you finished the process! Just follow the simple instructions and enjoy your made from scratch meals!

Menu Categories

Weekly menus consist of meals in 5 different categories, plus 1 dessert option. The categories always stay the same, but the menu option in that category will change weekly. Menu categories are:


Your standard dinner, consisting on a protein, starch, vegetable, and sauce. These will typically come in an aluminum pan with everything partially cooked, just pop in the oven for the specified amount of time to finish the cooking process.

One Pot Wonders (Seasonal – Fall & Winter)

Mostly soups and stews paired with an appropriate side dish like a salad or homemade bread. These will typically be delivered in plastic containers, just pour into a pot and warm on the stove.

Easy Bakes

Casserole style meals. These will come fully built in an aluminum pan but not baked. Just bake and enjoy.


Meals in this category will include anything you pick up and eat with your hands. Delivery containers and cooking instructions will vary between baking and stove top techniques.

Oodles of Noodles (Seasonal – Fall & Winter)

Pasta or Asian noodle dishes. Delivery containers Cooking instructions will vary, but typically will require heating a sauce on the stove and warming already cooked noodles in boiling water.

Greens of Goodness

Entree sized salads. These salads will have some type of protein on them and just need to be mixed up to be enjoyed. Great to take to work for lunch!

Grillin’ Grindz (Seasonal – Spring & Summer)

Everything you need for a killer BBQ. Protiens ready to toss on the grill with side dishes that ready to warm on the grill and/or a side salad that is ready to open and serve.

Wok On!

Stir Fry dishes that are ready for the pan. Marinated meats, cut vegetables, sauce, and rice or noodles.

Something Sweet

Family style dessert. A whole pie, pan of brownies, small cake. Just cut and enjoy! Typically about 6-8 servings.


Start your day off right with a healthy smoothie for breakfast. Just combine the ingredients in your blender. Makes a 16 ounce smoothie.

Veggie Sides

Perfect to add to your own cooking. Different vegetables and seasonings every week.